Katie is a sweet, dainty, talkative, smart female cat who was born in October 2006. She was rescued near White Rock Lake as a small kitten.

If you let her, Katie will sleep curled up on the foot of your bed at night. Every morning, she wants to be held and loved on to greet you. Katie enjoys being petted and will purr loudly when you scratch her chin and neck. She will tell you she wants you to play with her by meowing at you and watching to see if you follow her as she moves toward her feather toy. Katie loves having you play interactively with her and her feather toy -- but she likes the opposite end without the feather! She chases it in circles and likes to roll on her back to grab it sometimes. Katie loves to play with other toys, too, especially toy mice that make noise when you shake them. If you throw a toy mouse across the room, she will run to it, sometimes catching it and batting it around the room with her paws.

Katie tolerates cat-friendly dogs and coexists with other cats. She will probably do better in an environment without children as she might be scared by them. Katie is an indoor-only cat. Katie has been inside since she was a small kitten, so she must always be kept indoors for her safety.

Katie is spayed, current on her immunizations, and tested negative for feline aids and leukemia. She is litterbox trained. Katie has been dewormed and treated for giardia. She is a very clean, flea-free kitty. Katie is in a foster home in Dallas. If you are interested in adopting her, please email S.N.Y.P. to request an adoption application, and we will send one to you. If you would like more information on Katie, please call 214.668.4114.

Domestic shorthair, female, grey and white, born October 2006.

Katie's adoption fee is $50.

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