Willow is a sweet and petite 2-year-old girl who has survived despite insurmountable odds. She was found abandoned in a neighborhood (where coyotes and bobcats roam) and caught the attention of a nice woman who would put food out for her every day. Then one day, she stopped seeing her friend and there was no more food. Willow faithfully went to her lady friend's home for the next 5 months -- not knowing that her dear friend had died. Willow grew thinner and weaker by the day and struggled just to survive.

Finally, another nice lady found Willow and took her to a vet where she was fully checked out, spayed and given all her vaccinations. We did discover that she tested positive for FIV; however, cats can live long, healthy lives with FIV.

Willow is a bit on the skittish side, but once she trusts you, you'll be her friend forever! We are looking for an 'inside' home (possibly with occasional access to a safe backyard) where Willow can live a long and healthy life!

Located in Far North Dallas. For more information, call or text 972-978-0160 or email dianecat@flash.net.

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