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Have you purchased Blue Buffalo products? You may be entitled to cash refund.

If you purchased Blue Buffalo pet foods or treats, you may be entitled to a Cash Refund from a class action settlement. A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit claiming Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. ("Blue Buffalo") pet foods (the "Products") labeling was false and deceptive and that it falsely claimed that the Products do not include chicken/poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy, or artificial preservatives. Blue Buffalo stands by its labeling and denies it did anything wrong. However, Blue Buffalo has settled to avoid the cost and distraction of litigation.  Click here for more information.


The Cat Petting Chart

official cat petting chart

Calcium chloride chemosterilant tested successfully in tomcats

An injectable calcium chloride chemosterilant costing only pennies per dose has been tested successfully in male cats, following years of positive results in dogs, the San Francisco-based Parsemus Foundation on April 29, 2015 announced via the American Association for the Advancement of Science's "Eureka Alerts" media release distribution system.  Click here for more information.


Pet Vaccinations: Are You Over-Vaccinating?

Most pet owners aren't aware of the dangers in animal vaccinations that have been discovered in recent years. The major veterinary associations now agree that vaccinations can trigger all sorts of maladies, from allergies to cancer - but most pet caretakers (and many veterinarians, it seems) haven't gotten the word. Click here for more information.


Invisible Monsters in Your Pet's Bowls?

If you simply top off your pet's water dish, you could be creating a monster that will attack your pet from the inside out. If indoor bowls aren't palatable, pets won't hesitate to drink rainwater from unsafe sources. Many of us are guilty of simply refilling the water bowl when it gets close to empty, but the water that sits around will form a slimy residue that hosts dangerous bacteria and fungus that can begin to grow. Some pet guardians may not even notice that their pet will start shying away from a dirty water bowl and become mildly dehydrated or, worse yet, seek water from unsafe areas indoors or out. Food and water bowls should be cleaned daily -- but, please do not use harsh cleaners that can leave behind residue and odor. Click here for more information.


Saving Lives on the Road

Cats know cars are dangerous, but make the wrong moves. Most roadkilled cats are hit at night. Typically cats know cars are dangerous, but appear to confuse the beams from a car's headlights with the car itself. This may be because outdoor cats are mostly nocturnal, and perceive the danger as being from exposure by the headlights, rather than from being crushed by the tires. According, cats usually hunker down in roadside ditches or among vegetation and try to avoid being caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. When the lights go by them, cats think it is safe to dash out -- just as the car reaches them. Expect cats to make this mistake and you will be prepared to react if they do.

Cars killed about 5.4 million cats per year in the early 1990s -- more than were killed in U.S. animal shelters! Since then both the roadkill toll on cats and the shelter toll have plummeted, to about 500,000 and two million, respectively, but only because the advent of neuter/return programs has markedly reduced the feral cat population.


Toxic Jerky Treats Responsible For More Than 1,000 Dog Deaths, FDA Says

The Huffington Post | May 19, 2014: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued another warning about toxic jerky treats, and it seems the poisonous pet snacks are still a problem. As of May 1, more than 1,000 dogs have died as a result of the toxic treats. The FDA has received 4,800 reports of pet illnesses since 2007, 1,800 of which were submitted in the months following the agency's last warning in October 2013. Even though 25 percent of these complaints were "historic" claims -- meaning the illness occurred some time in months or years past -- the jerky products appear to be an ongoing source of sickness for both cats and dogs. Click here for more information.


Reasons Not to Declaw Your Cat

If you are considering declawing your cat, please read this article. It will only take a moment, and it will give you valuable information to help you in your decision. Click here for more information.


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